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Privacy At Shared Houses

Occasionally, some ask, “What about the privacy of a share house?”

“Why don’t you imagine your home? There are fathers, mothers, and siblings in one house. Sometimes there are families who don’t go together. But you don’t feel as no privacy there. Because everyone has their own lives, so you could have solid “time alone”. They might say, “Relatives and others are different.” though.

So, the words of a god-like friend who does many roles such as work, housework, and childcare.
We used to have my own room when we were a kid. But as growing up, there are quite a few people who don’t have a specific “my place. “
“My place” does not have to be a private room, just define the existing living / dining room as “my place”. It may be easier to understand that it is psychologically “being alone” rather than physically “being alone”. I see.

It may be a dining table/kitchen counter in the house. Taking advantage of the open kitchen, you can effectively use the limited time and place, such as using the waiting time or thinking about the menu while checking the refrigerator.

In the working space on the 2nd floor, while looking at the skylight, you may write your thoughts in a notebook as you like and “face your inner self” .

For a moment before good night, turn off the glittering lights and leave only the faint light of indirect lighting. It is also wonderful to spend a relaxing time surrounded by the good scent of aroma and herbal tea. The floor lamp with remote control in the room seems to be useful (20 colors).

Each person has their own purpose to have “time alone”, such as hobbies, studying, and working on a computer. It’s important to have time for yourself, even for the shortest hours of the day.
Please find your own “my place” to cultivate your daily vitality, vitality for tomorrow and/or willingness to do your best.

For those who would say, “But I still want to secure a physically quiet place,” I will declare you. As you can see from the floor map of Flat Bolero Jodo-ji, if you stay at Room 1A / 1B on the first floor, you can reach your room from the entrance without being seen when you feel uncomfortable to be talked |o|.



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