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Dividend For House Tenants

Although paperless contracts and online overseas remittance systems were already supported, we have been promoting digitalization and smart homes for the past year in order to reduce interpersonal work even at homes as a countermeasure against corona damage. Thanks to you, the efficiency of management operations has further improved.

We are releasing a considerable amount as a return to tenants. Please take advantag them by all means.

Cash Back JPY5,000 For Those Make A Contract via VR Preview Only!

We implement Matterport VR view, high-quality 3D model with less gap between the image and the real thing. It allows high cutomer satisfaction after moving-in. As the owner, I was very nervous when shooting because it was reflected as it was though.

If you use your own VR equipment, you can do a virtual reality tour of the house at home. It also has a function to measure the size of the room for those who are considering bringing own furnitures.

Free Fire Insurance (JPY8,000 ) For Those Who Make an inquiring from HP!

A website inorder that you can read everything you want to know compactly at your home. I’ve written the whole both good things and challenging things. Perhaps because of that, I’m glad that more people are getting to visit us. It was so motivating to hear from consideres saying “I fell in love with HP at first sight.”



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