International Shared House

Enjoy Kyoto. Enjoy The World.

As if you were born and raised there.

Living Like A Family.

Family. They might not be usually noticeable for you, and sometimes troublesome.
However, when you stop and look back, you’ll find those who are looking at you with a smile.
We want to be natural because we spend half the time of everyday.
A relaxing time that can be had only by a small house of 10 people.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Although the house is a two-story building, it’s actual height is three stories. It allows unique common areas like a living room filled with natural light through a skylight in the 10m high atrium. The private rooms surround those common areas on each floor. This floor layout also allows small communication in every scenes of daily life. Architect’s commitment has been seen in details, stylish yet have a Japanese atmosphere. Designed and supervised by architect, Mr. Naoyuki Hashimoto, who also worked on designing of the Westin Hotel in Awaji Island.

Comfortable Living

Provide sufficient property/operation management with the female perspective by the owner and her team. She used to observe consumers throughout the world as an Asian regional rep. in a US based company. It allows to support the living of tenants with diverse cultural backgrounds

A Place Kyoto People Long For

The northeast of the Kyoto Imperial Palace (Sakyo [Rakuyou]) is high ground. Many high-ranking officials/aristocrats lived there with temples/shrines since the Heian period (794-1185). It remains former capital culture still now.
Shimo-gamo and Kita-Shirakawa in Sakyo-ku are currently known as Top2 prestigious residential areas in Kyoto. Both are quiet residential areas.
There are many sightseeing spots near the house (Kita-shirakawa area). It is a convenient area to live while retaining the strong sense of Kyoto. If you dare to avoid the bustle around the subway station and use the city bus/bicycle, you can access to the central city area without inconvenience.