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In-House Measures For COVID-19

Flato Bolero Jodoji takes the following measures for the living with sense of peace among tenants.

  • Refrain from events in the house (including Japanese language classes)
  • Tenants before moving in
    • House Viewing is basically conducted via VR previewing. On-site viewing is negociable .
    • Hearing based on the COVID-19 checklist (provided by the Japan Share House Organization)
  • For current tenants
    • Request for preventive behaviours inside and outside the house
    • Recommend to download the COVID-19 Contact Confirmation App (provided by MHWL)
    • Strengthen hygiene management
    • If a positive person occurs, temporary evacuation support is available in accordance with the contract clause [Response to infectious diseases] (No applicable person at this time)

※”Temporary evacuation support for an infectious disease” in the contract has been effective since the opening house. However, because many people have not been aware, we are reminding you. The rent during the temporary evacuation period is exempted for up to 14 days in order to concentrate on your treatment. It can be also applied for the case of influenza, etc.



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