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Dolce Gusto Advent! Feeling Like A Cafe In The House

Dolce Gusto had slept in the owner’s house, has descended into the living room of the house. Please enjoy feeling like a café at the living room 💗

The café could be a little tough for your wallet in Japan, if you go there frequently for relaxing.

This time we brought Dolce Gusto as a souvenir by the owner for coffee lover tenants who simply want to enjoy delicious coffee. 2 packs stored coffee at home has been also brought.
If they run out, please buy your favorite capsule.

Lattes for Starbucks capsules cost about 120 yen/cup, and straight coffee costs about 80 yen/cup.

Nestlé’s house capsules cost around 50 yen per cup. It tasts equal to coffee at cafe’s of convenience stores.

If you buy a capsule and brew it by yourself, it costs roughly 1/3 the price of a store.

Caramel Macchiato was tried first by a housemate.

Quentine’s Sakura Fuji mug is so cute💗.



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