Sophisticated Minimal Space

写真I believe that the most important thing for a home is to feel the blessings of “nature” with all five senses. Since ancient times, Japanese architecture has been devised to “attract nature to a very close”. We need a coexistence with nature even in modern architecture. Symbiosis (TOMOIKI) is a “Zen” idea, a world-class Japanese value.
For Flat Bolero Jodoji, the first thing we considered was to harmonize with the quiet neighborhood with its rich nature and world heritage sites. The building was designed with a “Zen” motif. “Zen”, which is the late Steve Jobs was devoted to, can be summed up in one word: literally (示∔単). It means “to show things in a simple way”.
You would see the “essence” after scraping off unnecessary things. Therefore, we made the house design simple by focusing on what a shared life needs (essence). We also have created a sense of openness/peaceful in the common/private area with coming in natural light. It was delivered by raising the ceiling height for the larger volume to feel.

Born in Kyoto City. Worked on the design of the Westin Hotel on Awaji Island, the Nishida Philosophical Museum and the Gunma Insect World Museum, etc.  Established Atelier Sufu, First-Class Architect Office in 2010.

Comfortable Living

写真“A love letter folded in two, is looking for the address of a flower.” This is a poem called “Butterfly” by the French poet, Jules Renard. A butterfly rests its wings on a flower at the window and flies away again to the next future.
To a gentler future.
To a brighter future.
We are nurturing the house to bridge between Japan and overseas, while imagining this scene. We wish that the living days here will be tangible one-act of each future for you all.

Lives in Tokyo. As a product Mgr. of global team at U.S. consumer goods company, proceeded product planning and market introduction in Asian countries. At U.S. advertising agency, provided consulting & planning about customer relationship field for mainly Fortune500 companies. Because of a pharmacist, worked for marketing of US pharmaceutical company.  Currently, besides being a real estate owner, supporting young people who are cultivating their own futures.