The Autumn Leaves Near The House Are Now In Full Bloom

We can meet beautiful autumn leaves everywhere in Kyoto, which turns scarlet with the depth of autumn.

There are some places called autumn leaves spots near the house. The recommended course is Nanzenji Temple → Eikando → Ginkakuji Temple. It is an only 2km course that goes north along the Philosophy Road. It is now in full bloom from late November to early December.

I usually pass by, but the other day I got off the bus and took a walk. Stylish cafes and Japanese restaurants locate along the path of philosophy, especially around Ginkakuji. You can have lunch and/or tea while taking a walk 💗

The Suiro-kaku in the precincts of Nanzenji Temple is a brick aqueduct built in the 1890s. Water is carried from Lake Biwa. Because the continuous arch structure looks great on Instagram, it becomes a popular shooting spot for women wearing kimono and yukata.

Eikan-do: Zenrinji Temple (official name) ,the head temple of the Jodo sect Nishiyama Zenrinji school, has been known as a famous place for autumn leaves. They have said “When the autumn come, Go to the Eikan-do” for a long time. It is a temple next to Nanzenji Temple. During the fall foliage season, there is also illumination, so you can enjoy the mysterious fall foliage that is different from the daytime at the free life pond and fall foliage in the center.

Maybe because there are a lot of spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto, the autumn leaves at Ginkakuji are not so famous. However, a lot of maples are planted in a hill in Ginkaku-ji. You can overlook colored with autumn leaves from the hill.

At the end of this walk, I stopped by the udon noddle shop “Omen Ginkaku Honten” locating next to Ginkakuji for the luch. Then I prepared for the Christmas tree. People wouldn’t be encourage to go out  on X’mas this year. So, colorful Christmas ornaments were chosen for cheerful mood at least in the house. X’mas gifts are also placed next to the tree. Please open the yours named box on Christmas morning💗.



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