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Tenans’ Review2021

  • 2021/9/12: The house is very comfortable, clean and stylish. (HG: Female, University Summer Trainee / Recommended ★★★★★)
  • 2021/8/30: Very beautiful, well equipped and comfortable to live in. Although it was my first share house, all housemates were very kind and I had a good time. Even if you have no experience in a share house, you can easily take on the challenge because each room has its own private room. (KH: Female, Student / Recommended ★★★★★)

  • 2021/6/30: I stay in Kyoto for several months due to my research project. It locates in a quiet residential area, a convenience store and a supermarket are nearby. It was a very comfortable life for me to commute to Kyoto Univ. on the ground. I had everything I needed without hassle for moving-in (actually, I came with just a suitcase and a Boston bag). The internet connection is stable. A share cycle port at house allows you to rent bicycle at down town to come back home. Full of good things. The room can be locked properly. the adequate relationship intimacy among the housemates would make shared house beginners easy to joint.(KK: Male, University researcher / Recommended ★★★★★)

  • 2021/6/16:Very clean, well presented share house, with good facilities and great location. (AR. Female, English Teacher / Recommended ★★★★★)

  • 2020/11/15:Flat is neat and well property managed. Close to bus stop and convenient for commuting/schooling. Also, supermarket/restaurant locates within a walk (YH. Male, Foreign Based Hotel Chef)



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