Recent Trend Of Shared Houses

A share house means a shared residence which has a common space to be shared on top of your own room.While typical share houses offer pleasures of “sharing” and “communication”, one of great attractiveness would be “reasonable living expense” via lower initial and monthly costs.

In recent years, a reasonable thought among some smart consumers, from owning to sharing”, has become actualized in developed countries around the world. Even in Japan, smarter allocation of limited income is getting popular for a wealthy and fulfilling life which fits with individuals’ life stage. This need drives the spread of shared houses.

However, there are also disadvantages of shared life. Many concerns have existed for comfort living: e.g. “tenants who don’t follow rules/manners”, “poor property management for comfort living”, and “cultural dis-communication”. More and more houses gradually solve those problems and provide advantages to outweigh the disadvantages. This enhances incidence of shared house users.

Tips For Shared Living

The level of operation management is evolving though. You might need some adjustments unlike when you live at a studio used the common area by yourself. Sometimes you could be confused by a significantly different lifestyle of house mates from yours.

Some TIPS exist to avoid daily frustration: e.g. “adjust your lifestyle habits a bit for a communal life”, “communicate your inconveniences to the others politely” and “accept the different habits until some level”. Each house has own rules like “quiet time from 23:00 to 7:00” and “garbage disposal duty”. A move-out recommendation may be issued to those who get others inconvenience chronically.

Too strict or loose individual lifestyle would not work in the shared life. In this regard, it is not a service that everyone can access. This is also an important to be aware before moving-in.

How To Choose Your Shared House


Find A Reliable Management Company

As long as people live together, small issues happen. If a management company regularly monitors both “hard aspects” like the sanitary condition and “soft aspects” like communication atmosphere, they can handle issues before getting serious.

  1. Have solid regulated contract form. Have sufficient house rules at a level for healthy living. Flexible attitudes to improve the rules.
  2. Quick & appropriate response for inquiries /trouble shooting.
  3. The house condition is regularly monitored through patrol and/or group lines.

Make Sure The Right House For You

  1. Set priorities.
    It will be smoother if you know what you think important in advance: e.g. the location, house facilities/concept, expense (initial/monthly), and cultural exchange.
  2. Check the facility/goods & rules of the house.
    See if “Satisfactory for my living style”, “Can continue without difficulty.” and “Sound house manners/rules looks exist for comfortable living.”.
  3. Check the atmosphere of the house and the potential house mates.
    See if you like “quiet atmosphere” or “lively with regular events”, “the lifestyles of the house mates”, and “frequency of cleaning duty”, etc.  For example, although “the a cleaning duty (Yes/No)” is often overlooked.  However, it often impact on living satisfaction a lot after moving-in.  It is one of the points to check before moving in.



A Little Bit Better Living Than Your Budget

Reasonable expense although share house portals evaluate as “one of top-notched quality house in Kyoto”. The reason for good cost performance is:

  • Unlike renovation, this is a newly built house designed for shared living (built 9/2017). Therefore, no unused space.
  • Succeed/reused assets from the former Kyoto cuisine restaurant (Kyoto-style petti garden, cypress counters, granite approach, etc.)
  • Direct management and operation by the owner. Direct contracts with each maintenance company allows to eliminate margin costs for quality service despite of a small house.

Living With A Little Financial Leeway

For example, assuming to rent a 1room apartment near the house, the monthly housing costs (rent/management costs, utilities costs, communication costs, etc.) will be…

  • 30 to 40 years old 1R (full bath room) : Almost the same monthly housing expenses (about JPY60,000 yen). Purchase/maintenance of furniture/home appliances, and brokerage expense: e.g. key money/ brokerage fees, etc., will be saving.
  • Less than 20years old 1R (bath/toilet  separate) : JPY5,000 to 10,000 per month will be saving.  And purchase/maintenance of furniture/home appliances, and brokerage expense: e.g. key money/ brokerage fees, etc., will be also saving.

You can use your initial or monthly saving for future savings and/or more fulfilling life activities for you.


Comfortable Living Space

The standard of comfort is different by each person. But the guideline is “a house where you’d like to invite your important persons”.

  • The high ceiling of Flat Bolero Jodoji gives you a sense of openness more than actual area (sqm). The dining room can be arranged according to your needs like “for 10 people” or “for close friends only”.
  • Daily goods selected by the goods loving owner. Considering something “hesitate to buy by, myself but happy to have”. E.g, the glasses ware from CRISTAL D’ARQUES (France), claiming “affordable luxury in everyday life.


Team Management By Professionals

A typical share house have spacious common areas to require a variety of maintenance. It is difficult for one company to do everything appropriately. Furthermore, a more diverse cultural house needs more solid property management. So we apply “Team Management By Professionals” system hired throughout the Kansai area for sustainable quality living. For example, hygiene management tends to be a top discomfort. A house keeping specialist visits the house biweekly. She resets the water facilities with checking in/outside of the house hygiene from the perspective of the residents. ※Cleaning robots will help simple cleaning of the floor three times a week ♡.


Comfortable Sense Of Distance

Not too intimate, not too far away. “Size of slightly larger family,10tenants”. The House welcomes cultural/value diversity, and respects individual style/privacy. Therefore, we encourage you to live with your comfortable relationship distance. We have relatively easier atmosphere to get into even for those who is new to shared house.
Rather calm atmosphere and tend to be preferred by those who value the living environment.


Solid Security Systems

4 security systems before you reach your room. A security camera to monitor the entrance approach, smart locks (entry/exit recording, auto-lock) with military-leveled algorithm on the entrance and smart lock on private room perform for 24 hours. You can also confirm visitors at the entrance via the TV door phone.
Since the house embraces a smart home, those systems are centrally managed.


Communication Both Before And After Moving-in

We encourage to solve day-today issues through sharing/discussion on group line. Your small assertive comments could make the house better, because the owner also participates in the group line. This is a unique advantage of owner-managed house. For private matters, you can use the private lines between each individual and the owner.


Location Chosen By Kyoto People

Many cultural spots in the neighborhood make you enjoy relaxed days. All day-to-day stores: e.g. supermarkets, convenience stores, and banks are within 3-minutes’ walk. Buses and bicycles are convenient to get around in Kyoto. The subway network is limited in Kyoto due to a historical city. However, enriched bus route network exists. However, many ancient alleys are remained for the scenery. Therefore, a bicycle makes you go into those quiet alleys easily to enjoy the “Kyoto with casual wear”.