Q: Does Remote Work Is Available?
Q:Any Special Features in Private Rooms?
Q: What Is Mood Of  The House Like?  Also Their Interaction Style Like?
Q:What Is The Actual Profile Of Housemates: Gender, Age Group, Origin, etc.?
Q: Any Recommended Facilities?
Q: What Is The Atmosphere Of The Neighborhood. Any Your Favorites?

Q: Does Remote Work Is Available?

A:We have introduced robust WiFi for a stable communication environment. The maximum downlink speed is 2Gbs, and the maximum number of connected devices is 100 or more.   It allows stable online classes/conferences.   Some people also use the working space on the second floor as a relaxing space, such as looking at the sky through the skylight.  * Please consider using headphones at night conferences to help other housemates sleep better.

In terms of location, it ismore suitable for remote work with commuting offices in central Kyoto several times a week, rather Worcation place where is a scenic one being so far away from living places.

Q: Any Special Features in Private Rooms?

A: The mezzanine floor (loft) is designed for the bed space  to all private rooms with a ceiling height of 1.5 floors (approx. 4 m).  It aims to make the room spacious and comfortable.   Independent  bedroom (3.3 m2) and  living space (6.6m2) allows you to use the room neatly without wasted space. 
It is recommending for those with a simple lifestyle.
They say a merit of the mezzanine floor as, “The high ceiling height makes the room feel more spacious than actual sqm.”  and/or “A light window at a high position makes the room brighter.” 

Q: What Is Mood Of The House Like? Also Their Interaction Style Like?

A:It has a rather calm atmosphere and tends to be preferred by those who value the daily living environment (cleanliness and living comfort). 
The house welcomes the diversity of cultures/values ​​among housemates.  We  respects their personal style / privacy. Therefore, we recommend that you live with your comfortable distance. It is a slightly larger family size (10people), although you can see the faces of all the housemates.   It means that interaction style is neither too intimate nor too far away.  It makes shared house beginners relatively easy to move-in.

Q:  What Is The Actual Profile Of Housemates: Gender, Age Group, Origin, etc.?

A: Most are around 22 to 35 years old. The ratio of male/female and Japanese / non-Japanese are aimed to 50/50.  However, more female and/or more non-Japanese are sometimes observed.

Q: Any Recommended Facilities?

A: 3 shared bicycles are recommended at the bicycle parking lot of the house.  With a membership fee of ¥ 1500 / month and ¥ 6000/6 months, you can use it as many times as you like within 30 minutes.  Since it is a mobile payment, you can easily rent it according to how you want to use it, such as 30 minutes use or 1 day use.
You can contact the customer center (email or phone) in the case of theft or repair.  They can handle issues smoothly with and free charge because of GPS-equipped bicycle. 
Parking fees of about 80 cycle ports in Kyoto City are free. If you get tired when you go out, you can rent a bicycle from a nearby port and return to the house.  Housemates like this use.

* 100 million yen with personal and objective damage compensation is included
* Customer service in English is accepted at the email counter

Another recommendation is “Amazon Fire TV” installed  in the shared TV.  You can watch 10,000 titles + of Prime Video, YouTube and 100CH + of TVer with free.  Especially, TVer allows you to watch TV programs for a week after on-air.  So you can easily watch missed TV programs later.

Q: What Is The Atmosphere Of The Neighborhood. Any Your Favorites?

A: The northeastern part of the Kyoto Imperial Palace (Sakyo) is an area that remains the former city culture.  Shimogamo and Kitashirakawa in Sakyo  are still known as the two major luxury residential areas in Kyoto. The neighborhood of the house (Kitashirakawa area) has many cultural spots such as Ginkakuji (world cultural heritage) and Philosophy Road (as one of the 100 best roads in Japan).   In particular, the Philosophy Road, which is a 5-minute walk, is popular as a jogging course and walking / cycling course among housemates.
If you dare to leave the hustle and bustle in front of the subway station and use the city bus or bicycle, you can easily get to the city area (Shijo / Kawaramachi area) without any inconvenience. A supermarket / convenience store / bank is also within a 3-minute walk.  It is very livable environment.