Kyoto City International Student Benefit Program “Okoshiyasu Pass”


The “Ryugakusei Okoshiyasu PASS” allows you to enter various facilities for free! Let’s enjoy your life in Kyoto even more by using the PASS!

Click the “PASS” link below to display the PASS and present it with your student ID at the counter of the applicable facility.
Period of usage:2nd Jan. – 28th Feb., 2024
Who can use:international students who study in Kyoto in the designated schools.
Please check the list of schools on the site below.
Number of times it can be used:unlimited

For details, click here

About PASS, click here



A special summer program has started for international students attending schools in Kyoto.

If you have a pass, you can enter Nijo Castle, KYOCERA Museum, etc. for free ♡

It’s a good opportunity to explore nearby cultural facilities.


Do you know Kyoto City International Student Special Program “Okoshiyasu Pass”?
Just by showing your pass, you can enter designated facilities in Kyoto City, such as art galleries and museums, for free.

Available to international students attending designated universities and Japanese language schools.
Please see this site for information on designated schools and how to register.

“Okoshiyasu Pass” is valid until August 31st.
Please use all means!

There is also the “Okoshiyasu PASS (for Japanese students),” which allows Japanese students to enter with their friends for free!
Please check the website for conditions of use.