Spring Events Presented By Kokoka


We can feel the signs of post-COVID with the arrival of spring.  A few people walking without a mask are seen in the downtown.

Kokoka (Kyoto City International Association) announces April events.

They are likely something to make you feel spring and/or new life, such as outdoor events, spring classes for lessons, and new life orientations for foreigners.


  • Kokoka Spring Marche
    Two days where you can enjoy gourmet food, shopping, and stage performances from all over the world!  There is also a plan to support the earthquake-stricken areas in Türkiye.
    X April 8 (Sat) and 9 (Sun) 11:00-16:00
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  •  Introductory Class Of  “The Way Of Tea”
    Through the tea ceremony, participants will deepen their communication.
    X Date and time: Every Tuesday from April to May
    X Participation fee: 10,000 yen for foreigners, 20,000 yen for Japanese people
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  • Welcome Seminar For Foreigners
    Life orientation and exchange meeting for foreigners who have just come to Japan
    Good deals in multiple languages. A chance to make friends!
    X April 23 (Sun) 14:00-16:30
    X Participation free (500 yen for participation only in exchange meeting)
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