Let’s Learn! Let’s Play! A Delightful German Picture Book Exhibition


Kokoka’s annual world picture book exhibition. This time, an event co-sponsored by the Kyoto Goethe Institute will be included!


Guten Tag!
Let’s have fun learning and playing Germany this summer!

The theme of this year’s World Picture Book Exhibition is Germany.
It’s a familiar country in Japan, such as soccer, beer, and sausages.
In fact, there are still many charms that I do not know yet!

In addition to exhibiting about 60 German picture books and about 20 books that introduce German culture and lifestyle, the exhibition will also hold events such as picture book readings, storytelling sessions, and German language courses.
Please join us!

“Let’s learn! Let’s play! A delightful German picture book exhibition”

  • Date: August 1st (Tuesday) to August 30th (Wednesday) 9:30-17:00

*Except when the museum is closed

  • Location: koko Plaza (2nd floor of kokoka Kyoto International House)
    free entrance

*Both times are from 14:00 to 15:30, free of charge, reservation required

  • 8/5 (Sat) Talk party
    “If you try to live in Germany, a multicultural society”
  • 8/6 (Sun)
    Picture book reading and story meeting
  • 8/20 (Sun) Talk Party
    “Let’s compare! Eco-life in Japan and Germany”
  • 8/26 (Sat) Talking party
    “Fun German”

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