Picture Book Exhibition : Sri Lanka


This time’s [World Historical City Picture Book Exhibition Connected to Kyoto] is Sri Lanka.  It is called  “the Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and is familiar with “Ceylon Black Tea”.


(Hello in Sinhala)

kokoPlaza in September is holding an exhibition introducing Sri Lanka!

A picture book exhibition introducing member countries of “the World Federation of Historical Cities” mainly run by Kyoto City. This month, we are exhibiting picture books and related books about the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka called the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.”

Some picture books are written in Sinhala. It features characters that look like swirls, and some have Japanese translations, so you can understand and enjoy the content of the stories!

Sri Lanka’s tourist guide and ethnic costumes are also displayed together. Please come and discover more charms of Sri Lanka, which is familiar with tea and traditional medicine Ayurveda!

“World Historical City Picture Book Exhibition Linked to Kyoto Sri Lanka”


  • September 1st (Friday) to September 29th (Friday)
  • 9:30-17:00 *Except when kokoka is closed
  • kokoPlaza (Kokoka Kyoto International House 2F)
  • Free entrance
    Click here for flyer