An Introduction To The Way of Tea


April recruitment of An Introduction To The Way of Tea” has started🍵.


January recruitment of An Introduction To The Way of Tea” has started🍵.

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Notice arrived on the first day after state of the emergency is:

Information on the “The Way of Tea” class, the royal road of Japanese traditional culture.

Multilingual beginner class (once a week x 8 times).

It often happens  “By explaining Japanese culture to others, you can also rediscover it.”

For example, “Bento” is touted by foreigners visiting Japan. It can be also annoying for child-rearing moms who migrate from abroad. It  is not only because it is a “portable meal”, but also because it shows the delicacy peculiar among Japanese. It is “fineness” that the maker prepares “multiple kinds of side dishes” while paying attention to the nutritional balance.  It can be perceived as a barometer of affection towards kids.

It’s easy to understand if you have a little explanation of food culture.  We are making a bento without deep-thinking though.


“An Introduction to The Way of Tea”

Both foreigners and Japanese who are interested in Japanese traditional culture
Let’s deepen exchange through the tea ceremony! Even beginners can feel at ease with careful guidance.

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