The Korean Salon “Meari” Hangul School (May period)


Information on the Korean Salon “Meari” Hangul School (May period) has arrived.

There are 4 classes depending on the level, and each class is from 19:00 to 20:30 and the tuition fee is 28,000 yen / 40 times.
40 times in a weekly class seems to be a one-year course. The cost / lesson is 700 yen, looks resonable fee for those who want to study hard.

They offer one free lesson.  If you are interested, why not take a look?
What is Korean Salon “Meari”?


Annyon Haseyo 🤗
Information on kokoka’s Hangul course!

Whether you are a beginner or have learned before, you can study in four classes: introductory, beginner, intermediate, and conversation.
Why don’t you join the Korean Salon Meari “Hangul Juku”?
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